It's Time to Move From Surviving to Thriving

Herd immunity is not coming, and COVID-19 will remain a significant risk for individuals over seventy, whether they are in senior care, living alone, or in multi-generational households.

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It's Time to Move From Surviving to Thriving


No matter the age, over 50% of people have no protection against infection and reinfection (despite full vaccination) after 150 days. This means staff could be infected and reinfected with COVID-19 2x a year at a minimum.

COVID-19 has become predictable, but not annually predictable. Nationwide, two definitive surges and at least one swell per year have been the pattern for the last three years. In addition, the United States receives a “heads-up” on variants as they travel the globe. 

There is some concern heading into flu season that hospitals are once again going to be stressed as COVID-19 hospitalizations have not gotten under 35,000 for months.

It will be critical to know if you have a flu outbreak or a COVID-19 outbreak in your senior care community this year. Ensure you have flu-COVID combination tests available.

For the first time during this pandemic, we’ve seen a real decrease in ICU usage and the number of fatalities. This has much to do with Paxlovid and the rapid access to antivirals.

There’s also a potential for staff and visitors to bring in Monkeypox, which can be more deadly among the elderly.


Two areas that will continue to evolve and expand are testing for infectious diseases at home and at point-of-care, along with telehealth. Marrying the two will allow people to access medication that they need only through a telehealth visit. In turn, this will decrease the amount of spread we see not only in doctor’s offices but also in long-term care communities.

Increased Medicare-covered access to telehealth has been a lifeline to patients and physicians throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s make telehealth waivers permanent.

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You play a direct role in preparing, preventing, and protecting our nation’s seniors against recurrent COVID-19 variants and surges. Control over the virus is possible. Shine a light on your courageous team members, and tell us the challenges you continue to face in your community.

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