Senior care communities provide a sustainable future for our loved ones in need and provide millions of Americans with jobs. Unfortunately, they are among the most vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disproportionately affected both seniors and staff.

Fast Facts about Senior Care in America


Senior Citizens

There are approximately 54.1 million adults aged 65 or older living in the United States


Senior Care Communities

There are more than 15,600 skilled nursing care and approximately 28,900 senior residential care communities throughout the United States



According to the CDC, there are approximately 1.3 million senior citizens residing in U.S. nursing communities and more than 800,000 residents in assisted living communities


Struggling to Hire

According to a December 2022 AHCA survey, 96% of nursing homes are having a somewhat difficult time (44%) or a very difficult time (52%) hiring staff

Senior care communities employ a range of team members, including aides and personal care workers, non-clinical support staff, health care providers, like nurses, doctors, and therapists, social workers and other behavioral health workers, and other support workers and managers

Our workforce is on the frontlines each and every day to provide residents the support and care they need. As our assisted living and nursing facility professionals make continual sacrifices to care for our loved ones, we must do everything in our power to ensure their compassion and dedication is recognized.